We Love Families at Moses Lake Pres

There is something for everyone who walks through these doors! At each service that we hold, there is childcare available. That exists in the form of a nursery, classes for children of all ages, and classes for middle school and high school students! Explore each of these options for your family below. If you have questions, feel free to contact us!

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Children's ministry

Our Children's Ministry is a heartfelt and passionate endeavor to raise up the next generation of believers. The classes offered are structured carefully with a curriculum that encourages children to explore God, explore the world around them with what God is doing in mind. This ministry is lead by a team of qualified volunteers who have gone through training for their position, and have gone through background checks as well, to ensure your child's safety. Most of them are teachers in our school district, too! We are a church who goes all out for our children to be sure that we are doing all we can to raise them up as the next generation of believers. If you'd like to talk with Lynn Frey, the Christian Education Coordinator at our church, feel free to do so! 

student ministry

Our Student Ministry: The Warehouse. Here, students from both middle school and high school are offered community, friendships, and lasting connections that help them walk through these formative years as a person, as a student, and as a Christian in this world. This can be a tricky time for a student and a tricky time for a family. As a church, we are in a season we are calling "Sticky Faith." This means that we are partnering with families like yours to do what we can to ensure that families are growing together in their faith, in order that it would "stick" with your student through college and beyond. This ministry is led by our student and family pastor, Matt Janosov, and a team of trained and qualified volunteers to walk through life and help walk through some difficult seasons and questions about faith that your student may be going through.

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men's and women's ministries

Life is not meant to be walked through alone! We have our families, we have our friends, and we have our community. There are plenty of opportunities weekly for both adults and parents of all ages and walks of life. For a calendar of events where you can see different studies going on, different retreats we might have coming up that you can register for, and more, click here. These studies are led by people just like you, volunteers that are dedicated to seeing community here thrive, relationships and connections form, and ultimately have a desire to see the Kingdom of God dwell in Moses Lake as it is in Heaven. If you want to plug in to a small group, contact us!